Entente for Win XP

The four languages just below install seamlessly in Win XP. The five additional ones work too, if you will perform one extra step, as described.

Instructions (you may wish to print this page.)

1. The program is now free. Write down the passwords for the program and as many languages as you wish.

2. Download the files. You must start with the Program first. Then the languages.

Your browser may give you the choice "OPEN or SAVE?" Click "OPEN".

It may say something like Not known to Trust Provider -- OK to open? Say yes.

Each file starts to install automatically, but prompts you for the password, which you simply fill in.

If it says the directory already exists, just press Enter. There will be duplicates, especially if you get several languages.

An Install program then runs automatically for each file. Just take the default values here -- whenever prompted, just hit Enter.

Repeat the process until you have all your languages. There should be no need to restart the computer.

3. The program file includes a very truncated version of the manual. You can download the full manual from here, free, and it is not password protected. However, it can take ten minutes or more to download. It requires the common utility Adobe Acrobat to display. Click here to get it free from Adobe if you don't have it. Click for Adobe. Or you may download the Microsoft Word version.

 4. Read Readme.txt, which appears automatically after the program installs. You must read the directions there or in the manual -- a translator is not just a word processor and it will not work if you don't read the rules.

Then to run the program you will just double-click the Entente icon on your desktop.


Get the Translator

You must get the program and each language you want. The program will not work without a dictionary (language), nor vice-versa. You only need one copy of the program no matter how many languages you get.

A. Program and small manual.(Download encrypted file)

B. Full manual, Adobe Acrobat (free download, first half, .6 meg)

(Second half, .6 meg)

C. Full manual, Word (free download, first half, 2 meg)

(Second half, 2 meg)



1. French (Download encrypted file)


2. Italian (Download encrypted file)


3. Portuguese (Download encrypted file) (You get both, but only the unaccented option will work.)


4. Spanish (Download encrypted file)


To run the languages below you must perform one extra operation, because our Install program won't make this setting.

After you've downloaded/installed the program there will be an Entente icon on your desktop.


Right-click the Entent Icon, which produces a menu.

Click PROPERTIES. From that box, click the SCREEN tab.

Click FULL SCREEN, then OK at the bottom.


That's it. You do this just once, and then all the languages below can display the unique letters of their alphabets. Sorry about this, but we're working on a fix.

 5. Chinese (Download encrypted file)


 6. Japanese (Download encrypted file)